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International credit card payment service
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International credit card payment service

Covering globallly Visa、MasterCard、JCB、American Express etc mainstream credit card user

Pay for multiple countries, multiple currencies, global real-time trading

Oversea local payment service

upport global 170+ countries localized payment methods, covering the global mainstream e-commerce market in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Japan and South Korea

150+ payment methods, tailoring the best payment solution for merchants for business models and needs in different industries

Since Germany Payment Network AG release Sofortbanking,More than 99% of online banking users currently use Sofortbanking for online payment transactions, and seven countries including Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands use this payment method. So far, Sofortbanking has been widely used in 25,000 online stores, with a 50% share in the German payment market..
iDealFounded in 2005, it is the most popular online real-time bank transfer payment method in the Netherlands, supporting almost all Dutch local banks. Currently in the Netherlands, it accounts for about 50%+ market share. 80% of the local market supports iDeal in e-commerce. Consumers can use iDeal to transfer money directly from the bank account. Up to now, more than 400 million transactions have been paid through iDeal. , the penetration rate in Europe is also very high。
QIWI is one of the largest payment service providers in Russia. Its success lies in combining the local people's preference for cash consumption and the fact that only 5% of consumers have bank accounts. Users can pay for the purchase of the product through QIWI Wallet, or they can choose to pay later. More than 400,000 transactions per day are sufficient to demonstrate QIWI Wallet's usage and its strong coverage. More than 20 countries have access to QIWI payment services.。
Payment characteristics: no refund, no chargeback and counterfeit, no transaction reserve; real-time payment, real-time payment; support online and offline payment。
SafetyPay is an online bank transfer payment method. At checkout, the customer chooses SafetyPay and then redirects to their online banking portal where they authorize payment. Customers just need to wait for the purchase to arrive。
Countries used: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru
EPS full name is E-PAYMENTSTANDARD,Established in 2005 by several major Austrian banks, it is a simple, safe and convenient way to pay online payment by bank. Consumers choose EPS on the shopping website. EPS has more than 3 million users. It is the most popular and most popular in Austria. Localized website payment method。
Due to the low usage rate of online credit card payment in Brazil, the national online payment is mainly through EBANX bank transfer and Boleto offline payment. Boleto is a payment method using BarCode identification code supported by many Brazilian banks. Brazil dominates and customers can go to any bank or use online banking to authorize bank transfers. Boleto requires consumers to go to the bank or ATM, specify supermarkets, postal and lottery outlets for cash payments, and EBANX can implement real-time online bank transfers.
POLI is Australia's and New Zealand's leading online banking payment system. It is a local online banking payment method in Australia. Consumers do not need to register for online payment. They can use POLI to complete online banking payment, effectively improving the consumer payment experience and providing real-time convenience. Since the launch of POLI in 2004, POLI has become the preferred payment method in Australia and New Zealand in addition to credit cards. At present, the transaction amount processed by POLI has reached 1 billion US dollars.

Soolto - Platform payment service

It is a one-stop platform payment service for Amazon and eBay e-commerce sellers.

support PayPal account funds withdraw

Customized “Platform payment + Supply Chain Finance” portfolio for merchants

Ultra low rate
Speed to account
Flexible management
Service technology By

Independent website acquiring mode and process

BringallPay management platform

Cross-border capital management platform brings you a powerful and personalized cross-border capital management experience